A collection of projects that I work on during my leisure time to keep my frontend and backend development skills up-to-date.

A quick and simple way to show images and videos (MP4) from your computer in another tab that you could place on a second screen in fullscreen mode.
Data URL Image Generator
Turn an image into a base 64 JPEG or PNG data URL to be able to use on your web site. Use the settings to control the quality of the produced image.
Date/Time Converter
A simple converter which uses moment.js to easily convert the date and time from one timezone to another. Additionally provides the ability to specify a date and time instead of just using the current time.
Slime Volleyball
A remake of the original Slime Volleyball game.
Triangle Solitaire
A simple game in which you must move diagonally or horizontally in order to jump over and remove all of the balls in order to leave just one ball.
A snake game similar to the old-school Java game, Nibblet. Do your best to eat all of the food without running into yourself.